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The collection of 12 million images represents all spheres of human life from the beginning to the present. Our catalogue of themes classifies the stock in four divisions and corresponding subgroups.

For your information we have assembled here exemplifying portfolios of all groups.

Nude study, about 1940. Photo: Lala Aufsberg. ID: 20018963
City highway at night, Berlin, 1981. Photo: Jochen Moll. ID: 00022602
People look at the new evening fashion in a shop window, Berlin, 1957. Photo: Will McBride. ID: 30002156
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- Fashion
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- Economy - Advertising
- Science - Technics

Art - Culture - Entertainment

- Literature - Theatre - Vaudeville
- Painting
- Music - Dance
- Religion - Mythology

Countries - People

- Berlin
- Photography - Curiosity
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